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Practical Health Evangelism Apprenticeship Program (P.H.E.A.P.)

“There should be schools of health, cooking schools, and classes in various lines of Christian help work. There should not only be teaching, but actual work under experienced instructors. Let the teachers lead the way in working among the people, and others, uniting with them, will learn from their example. “

- Ministry of Healing p. 149.2 -

The Butler Creek P.H.E.A.P. is a work-study experience in hands-on health evangelism. The focus is on sound Bible teaching, health education, cooking, agriculture & other practical skills. Emphasis is placed on simplicity, practicality, and economy.

Next Session
Lifestyle Coaching 

Starts September 8th, 2024

Application Deadline August 4th, 2024

Next Session
Culinary Ministry

Starts March 30th, 2025

Application Deadline Feb. 24th, 2025

Butler Creek P.H.E.A.P. is composed of
two separate sessions
(each complete in itself)
to prepare individuals for ministry:

Learn how to be a

Health Evangelist using 

God's Healing Program 

Learn how to use

Healthful Cookery  as a means in reaching others 

What is practical evangelism?

​It’s personal ministry through direct contact. God brings men into touch with those whom they seek to benefit.  

Sometimes it’s verbal communication - Philip and Peter spoke the gospel to the Ethiopian and the Centurion.  On other occasions the practical approach was used - the Good Samaritan, Dorcas, the maiden in Naaman’s home, blind Bartimaeus, the hungry 5,000.

In each case cooking, cleaning, gardening, building, and other practical skills were used in the service of Christ – these constitute practical evangelism.  

“To reach the people, wherever they are, and whatever their position or condition, and to help them in every way possible –this is true ministry.”

- Ministry Of Healing p. 156 -

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