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culinary ministry

Culinary Ministry

This 22-week session is designed to teach the sacred duty of preparing healthful food as a means of preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases.


Students acquire knowledge & skills necessary for cooking whole food plant-based. They will be trained on how to make it appetizing, simple and nourishing, while using proper kitchen hygiene & management.

Next Session 

Starts March 30th, 2025

Application Deadline Feb. 24th, 2025

Healthful Cookery


Cooking is one of the most essential sciences in practical life that can be used in ministering to others.

“Many souls are lost as a result of poor cookery.”

 - Ministry of Healing 302.3 -



Health Classes
  • Nutrition

  • Counsels on Diet and Foods

  • Lifestyle Diseases

  • Hygiene in the Kitchen

  • Herbs & Natural Living

Principle Classes
  • Health Evangelism

  • Christian Administration & Leadership

  • Principles of Self Supporting Work

  • Adventist History

Practical Classes
  • Culinary Arts

  • Food Preservation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Agriculture/Gardening

Bible Classes
  • Sanctuary

  • Daniel & Revelation

Hands-on Ministry
  • a minimum of 6 hours of weekly volunteer service in our Lifestyle Kitchen, plus no more than 10 hours of weekly volunteer service in a self-supporting ministry

Cooking Classes
  • Learn to Conduct Cooking Classes

For more information on classes check out our Handbook 

For more information on costs click below on Admissions

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