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Find stability and peace of mind to better manage stress, anxiety and depression 


Gain the victory over diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or obesity through simple  lifestyle changes


Gain practical tools for victory over smoking, drugs, alcohol, pornography, media and more 


Get back on track towards a healthier lifestyle!

April 23rd-May 14th, 2023

14-day Program: April 23rd-May 7th, 2023

Application Deadline April 16th, 2023

June 4th-25th, 2023

14-day Program: June 4th-18th, 2023

Application Deadline May 28th, 2023

July 9th-30th, 2023

14-day Program: July 9th-23rd, 2023

Application Deadline July 2nd, 2023


August 6th-27th, 2023

14-day Program: August 6th-20th, 2023

Application Deadline July 30th, 2023

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