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Lifestyle Coaching

“The sanitarium is a broad missionary field.”

- FE 390.1 –

This 25-week session provides practical apprenticeship training in connection with our Lifestyle Center as preparation for service as Health Evangelists using God’s simple remedies.

Next Session 

Starts September 8th, 2024

Application Deadline August 4th, 2024

God's Healing Program

As our example, Christ linked closely together the work of healing and teaching, and in this our day they should not be separated. In our schools and sanitariums, nurses should be trained to go out as medical missionary evangelists. They should unite the teaching of the gospel of Christ with the work of healing.​

The Lord has instructed us that with our training-schools there should be connected small sanitariums, that the students may have opportunity to gain a knowledge of medical missionary work.

- SpTB12x 7-

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Principle Classes
  • True Education

  • Ministry of Healing

  • Christian Association

  • Prophetic Guidance

Bible Classes
  • Knowing God's Will

  • Upon This Rock

  • Romans

  • Holy Spirit

  • Last Day Events

Practical Classes
  • Mission Health Care

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Massage 

  • Exercise

  • Auto Maintenance

  • Agriculture/Gardening

Mental Health Classes
  • Mental Health

  • Spiritualism and New Age

Health Talks
  • Learn how to give Health
    Talks and Presentations

Hands-on Ministry
  • a minimum of 4 hours of weekly volunteer service in our Lifestyle Center, plus no more than 12 hours of weekly volunteer service in a self-supporting ministry

Health Classes
  • Physiology & Anatomy

  • Lifestyle Diseases

For more information on classes check out our Handbook 

For more information on costs click below on Admissions

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