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Programs offered 

Lifestyle Disease
Prevention & Reversal 

This (14 or 21-day) program is designed to educate as to the cause and remedy of disease.  Participants are placed in a supportive environment where they not only learn about the keys to a healthful and abundant life, but can also see and experience their application on a daily basis. 

Mental Health
& Wellness

This 21-day program takes a Biblical approach to dealing with mental illness while showing how to implement lifestyle changes. Participants engage in useful, service-oriented activities in a supportive environment. They learn to appreciate that there is life in giving life to others. The principles learned and applied create a path towards improved mental health.



Whole Food,
Plant-based Meals

Simply and naturally prepared meals aiding the body's healing process


Cooking Class

Hands-on instruction in the preparation of healthful foods


Natural Environment

Located on 240 acres of rolling hills, forest, fields and streams




Daily Devotionals

Morning and evening devotionals to learn Biblical principles for an abundant life


Health Presentations

Science-based presentations teaching basic principles of
health & wellness


Wifi Free Zone

A distraction-free environment in a remote location suited to calm the mind and elevate the thoughts



Simple, yet effective treatments utilizing the healing properties of water



 Moderate daily exercise to strengthen and invigorate the body and balance the mind

Do you want to be able to gain & maintain victory over:

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Weight Management

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Depression

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