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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Our first group seminar after a long break...

It has been a while since we have had a group seminar here at Butler Creek…. For some of our newer staff members, it was their very first seminar to plan. After all preparations were accomplished and we were sure to have enough food for all the participants (every wife and mom will agree on how important that is!), we were eager to find out what the weekend would bring.

Our participants arrived Thursday afternoon, some of them old friends and some came here for the first time. All came excited and anxious to learn about the featured topic: Physical Factors and the Mind. In presentations we evaluated how lifestyle habits can affect the mind, and how these habits can be changed for the better. Besides presentations, our participants enjoyed healthy meals, group walks, and time to share and to make new friends.

One of our new friends will share about her experience here with us:

A personal experience...

"I attended Butler Creek Lifestyle Center for the first time on June 30-July 4, to attend a seminar titled Physical Factors & the Mind. I was blessed by the information I heard. I learned things I did not know before. I enjoyed the fellowship of the workers and other guests there. I know the health principles to follow, but sometimes you fall short of carrying them out. Being at Butler Creek in the beautiful natural environment helped to remotivate me to do what I know to keep my health at optimum level. The kindness and support I have received especially from the manager Jonathan Casas and his wife Hanna have been a very positive factor in my recommitment. As a result of carrying out what I learned there just in those four days, my blood sugar has dropped 50%, I am walking every day and eating 2 wholesome meals per day that I learned how to prepare as a result of being at Butler Creek, my circadian rhythm is back in sync, the sensation of knowing when I am actually hungry has returned, a sense of happiness has been restored, and my sense of being able to tell when something is too sweet is working and I am no longer craving sweets. I am now in a better state of health and able to deal with some traumatic events in a constructive way. I am so thankful for Butler Creek, and I will be returning for a longer period of time soon."

J. Stevenson

"God's presence felt here" - D. Houston

Looking back, we can see that God answered our prayers to be a blessing and for His presence to be here. The time spent together was an uplifting experience. We all look forward to more seminars to come.

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